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How To Get Verified On Instagram - Free & Paid Both Methods

If you want to learn - How to Get Verified On Instagram, then you have landed on the right platform. In this beautiful post, I will tell you about Instagram verification service. I believe that If you read this whole post, you will be left undoubted about - Instagram verification badge.

What is Instagram Verification ? 

Instagram verification means to put your account into the list of Authentic Instagram Accounts like Public figures, Celebrities, Global Brand. 
Instagram verified profile has an Instagram verification badge, as shown in the picture above. That blue checkmark shows the authenticity of that particular ID. This Blue Tick helps people or Instagram users to identify the real account from the fake ones.
It helps people to make sure that they find the real accounts of the Brands and celebrities they are searching for. Now - a - days It is a sign of status symbol. Instagram also shows that if your account is verified then you are "Notable".

Eligibility criteria for Instagram verification :

Instagram verification is given to those accounts that Instagram thinks, is in public search. Especially, if you want Instagram verification then you should be a celebrity or a Global brand.
         You must not violate Instagram's terms of service and community guidelines.

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For Instagram verification symbol your account must be  :

1. Authentic: Well that's obvious that you have to be who you say you are. You should be a real person, celebrity, or registered company.

2. Highly searchable: Your content should be highly searchable for the audience. Instagram says that if people are searching for your content then, you are eligible for Verification.

3. Public:  Obviously, If you are applying for Instagram Verification ( blue tick ) Then your account must be public. Some companies are also trying to verify the private account. Switching your account from private to public will increase your chances for Instagram verification.

4. Completion:

Your account must be completed for Blue Tick. You should have a complete Bio, Atlleast one photo.

Now that you have seen the Eligibility Criteria for Instagram verification badge, I am going to tell you about the process.

Before We Start - I have also made a video regarding Instagram verification. Check it out:

You can verify your Instagram Account With 2 Methods : 

1. Organically.
2. Hiring a Social Media Management company. 

1. Organically Verification

                                                       Instagram announced a new feature for Bluetick in 2018. They have given an option in the Instagram app. You can go there and apply for verification if you meet the eligibility criteria above.

First, go to your account on Instagram. Click on the three lines shown in the top right corner. Then click on settings and then click on Accounts.
 And then follow these instructions : 
Here an option is available named "Request Verification". Click on that and do provide your:
Username (Pre - available )
Full Name
Famous Name
Category (Niche)
One Valid Photo ID. 
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And submit your application for Instagram Verification.
That's it. You have done your job. Instagram will review your appeal and contact you in 3-7 Business Days. Then, they will give your Blue Tick (IF YOU ARE POPULAR) 

2. Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency: 

 If you are not so popular as big stars, then you would have to spend some money on the Blue Badge. It is a method that most of Instagram verified users have used to verify their accounts.               
In this case, you have to simply hire a Digital Marketing Agency. They manage your social thing on Instagram. They publish your articles on different websites, and they'll do something more.  

But beware of frauds in this world of Instagram verification. And here I am suggesting you a good Digital Marketing company named Fame Managers. They are the game changers in this market. they have verified a lot of peoples around the globe.
Like - Adnaan_07dz, Piyush Nagar and hundreds of many more.

They are the trusted one and yes It is not a sponsored article. Their service is good. That's why I am suggesting them to you. 

Read what are Instagram's General Guideline for Verification: CLICK HERE.

- In this short & sweet article, I discussed about Blue Badge that Instagram gives to authentic profiles. If you want to get that Blue Tick, so you need to follow the above points.

Good Luck. 
Happy Yadav     


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