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Get Free Instagram Followers Instantly ! How To Increase Instagram Followers ! Story Pulse

Get Free Instagram Followers Instantly! How To Increase Instagram Followers! Story Pulse

Get Free Instagram Followers Instantly ! How To Increase Instagram Followers
Free Instagram Followers Instantly
Searching for various methods to Increase Instagram followers. Well, You came across the right post. You know I can bet one thing that after reading this whole post, You can get Free Instagram Followers & Likes with the easiest way. 
You don't have to fill out surveys and need not to give anyone else your Instagram password. And If we are saying Free, We mean it.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites on earth with almost 200 million active monthly users. These people share 16 million images and 1.6 million likes per day.

So there is a lot of potential on Instagram. Brands pay much higher rates on Instagram than on any other social media sites like - YouTube, Facebook etc.
So it can be the best method for online promotion of any brand and making tons of money from that. 
So if you also want to become famous and earn heaps of cash then, read this Whole Post On Free Instagram Followers.

So, We are going to use the Organic Approach. We would use the service of GetInsup

NOTE: If you want to use Fully Free Service then consider reading this article: Free Instagram Followers 
About GetinsUp:
GetinsUp is a Powerful tool which helps you in tracking new followers and the people who unfollowed you. It also helps in Increasing  Instagram Followers. It is a package of All-IN-One.

It can provide you with a detailed analysis of your Instagram account and your post performances. You can also check the likes and comments on your posts. You can check your most liked photos, most commented photos etc. 

At the same time, you can also Increase your Instagram Followers and Likes. I bet it is the best service from where you can get Real & Organic Followers which shows engagement with your posts. They will Like your future posts and most important your Followers Count will not drop.

Key Features Of GetinsUp:
1. You can get coins by signing up and downloading Getinsup. With the coins, you can get 50 likes immediately.
2. You can get more coins by verifying your email address.
3. You can buy followers and likes at a low price.
4. High-quality followers and likes: GetinsUp does not use any bots. All followers and likes are from real and active people. 
5. Safety & Privacy: Our app is 100% safe and clean.
6. Instant delivery: The followers and likes will increase automatically after your order 
7. No Need Of PASSWORDS.

NOTE: GetinsUp is Free and Paid Both. You can use Accordingly.

How To Use GetinsUp :

STEP 1. Download GetInsup App: 
                                                          You can easily download  GetinsUp application on both platform Android and IOS. It is available on both platforms and works smoothly on them. 
The first step is to download and install that application. Downloading links are given below. 
Click on the links and download Instagram Followers App first :
Android: Click Here
IOS:  Click Here

STEP 2. Setup Your Account: 

Free instagram followers instantly - Story Pulse
Free Instagram followers instantly

                                                    Now, When you have downloaded the application. You need to set up your account there. It is a simple process. You just need to mention your:
Name, E-mail ID and create a password for Getinsup as shown above.
Then, Click on the Sign-Up button. Congrats, Now you have successfully created an account on Getinsup.

NOTE: Don't put you Instagram Password here. You can type any password you want to use for Getinsup Account.

STEP 3. Connect Your Instagram Account:

                                                          After successfully creating your account on GetinsUp, you have to connect your Instagram account with GetinsUp.
Don't worry. You don't need to give them your password. You only have to connect your Instagram account by typing your Instagram username over there. Now once you have typed your Instagram username, you can proceed further.
Now you can take a look at your hearts on posts, comments, views and followers from here.
The fun factor is you can also increase Instagram followers from here.

STEP 3. Increase Your Instagram Followers:
Once you have created your Instagram account and connected your Instagram username to GetinsUp, now you can increase your followers. It has coinbase system. You can buy coins or collect the coins and you can increase your followers from there.
So, as I mentioned above there are two methods:  free and paid.
Both of the methods are described below.

                                  It is a free method to get likes and increase followers. So it has some limitations. You can only get 50 likes and a few followers. So, when you will create an account on GetinsUp through the link given above,  you will get 800 free coins

If you want to increase your coins for free without paying any money, you can verify your email ID. Verifying your email id will give you 800 more coins. So, now your Getinsup account will have 800 + 800 = 1600 Coins, From which you can increase your followers and likes.
It is a free method, so you'll get very little followers or maybe 50 likes. The best I would say is the paid method which is described below.

Helpful Links:

Free Instagram Followers no Survey: CLICK HERE
Instagram Followers App: CLICK HERE
Free Instagram Followers: CLIK HERE

2. Paid Method :
Why choose the paid method on GetinsUp?

100% Real Likes & Followers :
The reason why I wrote 100% real likes and followers is GetinsUp don't use any bots to increase your Instagram followers. They have a whole dedicated system to give you organic reach.

The concept is that you buy coins and place your order of followers and likes then Getinsup will show your ad to other users on their application. They have a use audience base. So the person who likes your work will automatically follow you. 
It's like running Instagram ads with very low cost but it has a difference that running Instagram ads will not guarantee you followers but here GetinsUp will guarantee you 100% real and authentic followers.


Free instagram followers instantly - Story pulse
Free Instagram followers instantly

First Buy any pack from there. Buying from GetinsUp is safe and secure because it has a lot of security layers. Once you have done with the payments. Your account will be credited with the respective coins. Search for various plans for Likes & Followers on GetInsup and pick the plan which suits you. 
After that place your order, Your order can be seen in the task section. You can check the progress in the progress bar. 
It usually takes 3-4 hours to complete the order because in this case, real people follow you not bots. So It will need 3-4 hours.

In this way, your followers or likes will be sent to your account. I personally use this method.
And yes, your Instagram account will also remain safe from temporary or permanent disability. I am a True Blogger and I am putting out everything which is correct for you people.

It was the complete Tutorial on : 
How to get Free Instagram Followers Instantly from Story Pulse. Hope you clearly understood - How to Gain Free Instagram Followers.

If You want this process to be told in a video format, Well I have made a video of this process only for you people.
Watch & Enjoy:

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How To Get Free Instagram Followers ! Free Instagram Followers ! Story Pulse

Instagram is one of the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform. Instagram has 1 Billion Active Monthly Users (as of now). So when there is so much crowd of people on a particular platform, then Companies consider that platform to spend advertising money on. That's where the game changes. Influencers are paid millions of dollars for every brand endorsement they make on Instagram. So If you also want to make some thousands of Bucks, then You should have Active Followers On Instagram.
In this sweet and short post, We will teach you - How to Get Free Instagram Followers. By the end of this post, you will start increasing your followers on Instagram.

 In this post, we will tell you How to Gain Instagram Followers for Free. By this method, you can get 100% free high-quality Instagram followers and likes. There is no requirement of filling surveys and there is no risk. 
This method is real and safe. Now you don't need to spend hundreds of bucks to get paid followers and likes. This method is unlimited free forever. You don't need to pay money but you need to collect coins. Yes, It is a coin system and it is currently NO.1 method to get Free Instagram followers with no risk.
 So the name of the safest website from where we will get free followers is - EasygetInsta

It is an always free platform forever, It is a new startup and working very hard to get the limelight. So, you can trust me and this brand - Easy Get Insta and start getting followers soon.

So, Here is the Method For - How to get Instagram Followers for Free :-


In order to get Free Instagram followers fast, you have to go to this website by clicking here.
Then a page will open with the function of sign up as shown in the picture above (First Pic). You have to fill your Instagram username, your any email that you have on your phone and then you have to enter the password and then sign up. 
After this short process, you will create an account on Get Insta. After this, another page will open like as shown in the picture above (Second Pic).
You have to simply click on Download Now and an apk of size 4 MB will start downloading on your device. After downloading this apk you have to install the application on your device.
Now you have done your half work.  Rest of the work is described below:

Now open this application. There you will see two options - one of Email and another is of the password. Type your email and password that you used to create the account on Get Insta and then click on login.
After this process, you will see another page as shown in picture II regarding your username. Enter your Instagram username here and then click on add.

Now, what is the most important part between you and your followers? It is the main idea behind this free Instagram follower giving service. 
I have said above that from this method you will get Active and Real followers because people like us who want likes and followers use this website to increase the numbers on their social media handles.
 Now you have to simply click on like button as shown in (picture 1) above. When you will tap on like button, you will get another pop-up of demanding your Instagram password. 
Now be tension free because You have trusted on Story pulse. I have entered my official Instagram password to use this method. So It is the safest Instagram followers service. 

Why do they need your Instagram password?

Well answer to this question is they need your Instagram password because they have to like it on behalf of you. Without your permission, your account will never be misused or cases like automatically increasing of the following will not happen to your account. So your account is 100% safe now.  After typing your Instagram password then click verify and 20 coins will be submitted into your coins treasure. And that person's photo will be liked by you.
These coins will help you in increasing your numbers.

After liking a number of posts on this application, you have collected so many coins in your Coin Treasure. Now go to this Heart section as shown in the (picture 1st) above and here all of your Instagram posts will appear.
Select one post on which you want likes. Click on the post on which you want 50 hearts or likes. You have to spend 760 coins for 50 likes. And you know what's the best part?
You will get 1000 Free Coins when you signup with the link provided above and below:
SignUp link (Free 1000 Coins) -

After doing this process It will show in your task section. After 2- 5 hours Your hearts will be sent to your post.
This was the complete process of getting Hearts or likes on your Instagram posts.  
Now let's talk about followers which is the most interesting part and described below :

First of all, go to this follower icon as shown in the picture (1st) above. Then, another page will open showing the information -  For how much followers you have to spend how much coins?
The first option is for 10 followers for 1500 coins. So, if you have 1500 coins then you can tap on the 10 followers and then click on Get Followers now. 
After this, It will show you in the taskbar and after 5 to 6 hours your followers will be sent. I wanna remind you that these are real and active followers. So it takes time. That's why I am saying 5 to 6 hours.
It was the complete guide on how to get Free Instagram Followers from Story Pulse. Hope you clearly understand - How to Gain Free Instagram Followers.
I have also made a video about this whole method. You can check it here:

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How To Get Verified On Instagram - Free & Paid Both Methods

If you want to learn - How to Get Verified On Instagram, then you have landed on the right platform. In this beautiful post, I will tell you about Instagram verification service. I believe that If you read this whole post, you will be left undoubted about - Instagram verification badge.

What is Instagram Verification ? 

Instagram verification means to put your account into the list of Authentic Instagram Accounts like Public figures, Celebrities, Global Brand. 
Instagram verified profile has an Instagram verification badge, as shown in the picture above. That blue checkmark shows the authenticity of that particular ID. This Blue Tick helps people or Instagram users to identify the real account from the fake ones.
It helps people to make sure that they find the real accounts of the Brands and celebrities they are searching for. Now - a - days It is a sign of status symbol. Instagram also shows that if your account is verified then you are "Notable".

Eligibility criteria for Instagram verification :

Instagram verification is given to those accounts that Instagram thinks, is in public search. Especially, if you want Instagram verification then you should be a celebrity or a Global brand.
         You must not violate Instagram's terms of service and community guidelines.

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For Instagram verification symbol your account must be  :

1. Authentic: Well that's obvious that you have to be who you say you are. You should be a real person, celebrity, or registered company.

2. Highly searchable: Your content should be highly searchable for the audience. Instagram says that if people are searching for your content then, you are eligible for Verification.

3. Public:  Obviously, If you are applying for Instagram Verification ( blue tick ) Then your account must be public. Some companies are also trying to verify the private account. Switching your account from private to public will increase your chances for Instagram verification.

4. Completion:

Your account must be completed for Blue Tick. You should have a complete Bio, Atlleast one photo.

Now that you have seen the Eligibility Criteria for Instagram verification badge, I am going to tell you about the process.

Before We Start - I have also made a video regarding Instagram verification. Check it out:

You can verify your Instagram Account With 2 Methods : 

1. Organically.
2. Hiring a Social Media Management company. 

1. Organically Verification

                                                       Instagram announced a new feature for Bluetick in 2018. They have given an option in the Instagram app. You can go there and apply for verification if you meet the eligibility criteria above.

First, go to your account on Instagram. Click on the three lines shown in the top right corner. Then click on settings and then click on Accounts.
 And then follow these instructions : 
Here an option is available named "Request Verification". Click on that and do provide your:
Username (Pre - available )
Full Name
Famous Name
Category (Niche)
One Valid Photo ID. 
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And submit your application for Instagram Verification.
That's it. You have done your job. Instagram will review your appeal and contact you in 3-7 Business Days. Then, they will give your Blue Tick (IF YOU ARE POPULAR) 

2. Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency: 

 If you are not so popular as big stars, then you would have to spend some money on the Blue Badge. It is a method that most of Instagram verified users have used to verify their accounts.               
In this case, you have to simply hire a Digital Marketing Agency. They manage your social thing on Instagram. They publish your articles on different websites, and they'll do something more.  

But beware of frauds in this world of Instagram verification. And here I am suggesting you a good Digital Marketing company named Fame Managers. They are the game changers in this market. they have verified a lot of peoples around the globe.
Like - Adnaan_07dz, Piyush Nagar and hundreds of many more.

They are the trusted one and yes It is not a sponsored article. Their service is good. That's why I am suggesting them to you. 

Read what are Instagram's General Guideline for Verification: CLICK HERE.

- In this short & sweet article, I discussed about Blue Badge that Instagram gives to authentic profiles. If you want to get that Blue Tick, so you need to follow the above points.

Good Luck. 
Happy Yadav     

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Tik Tok Auto Followers ! Get Free Tik Tok Fans & Hearts - 100% Working

Tik Tok Auto Followers - Tik Tok auto Hearts
Tik Tok Auto Hearts

Hey Guys, If You are searching on Google - How to Increase Tik Tok fans or Followers, Tik Tok auto followers, then you have come to the right post.
Today In this post, I will share the insides of - Tik Tok auto followers. So let's get started.

 Happy Fans - Free Tik Tok Fans :   

                                Happy Fans is free to use app to increase Followers or fans on Tik Tok. It is the only application in the market that gives you Real & Engaging Tik Tok Fans. 
You can get - Free Tik Tok Fans, Tik Tok hearts, Tik Tok views etc. 
Tik Tok is becoming the next big thing. So, If you want to grow your Social Media Presence, You should definitely start making short videos on Tik Tok.
So for increasing Tik Tok fans, hearts - You have to download Happy Fans (5 MB).
 First of all, Download this application and Install it.
Don't forget to allow installs from other sources. 

Run this application and fill the captcha accordingly, as shown in the screenshots below :

tik tok auto followers

 Once you have filled Captcha, Then You will see magic. 
Various options will come on the screen for increasing Tik Tok Fans, Hearts and Views.

You Can select any service you want. Like You want Tik Tok Followers. So, you can click on that button. 
After clicking on that button (Tik Tok Followers) - You will have to type your Tik Tok Username and tap Search. Then, you have to tap on your profile as described in the screenshots below :

tik tok auto followers

Now select your tik tok profile by clicking Select. Then, another screen will appear in front of you, which will say - Send Followers.
Click on that button. It will take 10 seconds and boom - 

Your Followers Have Been Sent. 
And Congrats, You have successfully got those followers. You can again start this process after 5 -10 Minutes as shown in the screenshots below :

free tik tok fans

Yes, This is the simple process of getting free tik tok followers or fans.
You can also use Tik Tok Hearts, Tik Tok Comments, Tik Tok Views etc.
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What is Raksha Bandhan, Why do we celebrate Rakhi Festival

About Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) :

The bonding between Brothers and Sisters is very much sacred. In different parts of the world, this relation is pure and pious. However, In India, the bonding between siblings is strong. It is celebrated as a festival called "Raksha Bandhan" or "Rakhi" in India.

It is a unique festival celebrated in India and different parts of Nepal to show the love between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the Full Moon Day of Hindu's Luni - Solar Calendar in the month of Shravana typically falls in August.

Meaning Of Raksha Bandhan : 
This Festival is made up of two words - "Raksha" and "Bandhan". This means - a tie or knot of protection, where Raksha stands for Protection and Bandhan stands for A Knot.
Togetherly this festival stands for a knot which is tied on the hand of a brother for his security. On this day Sisters pray for the protection of their brothers.
It is celebrated among cousins, siblings etc.

Origin Of Raksha Bandhan :

The Festival of Raksha Bandhan is known to be originated from India country that is described below :

Indra Dev and Sachi - according to the ancient story of Bhavishya Puran, Once there was a fierce battle between Lord Indra, the deity of sky and Raines. He was fighting the battle from the side of God's, and He was having a tough resistance from the ruthless Demon King, Bali.
The war continued for a long time and did not come to an end. After seeing all these Lord Indra's wife, Sachi went to Lord Vishnu who gave her holy thread. Sachi tied the ribbon around the wrist of Indra, her husband. So in this way, Lord Indra ultimately defeated the demon, Bali and recovered Amaravati. It is the famous ancient legend behind Raksha Bandhan in Hindu mythology.

Krishna And Draupadi - According to Mahabharata, Draupadi, wife of Pandavas, tied holy thread around the wrist of Lord Krishna, whereas Kunti tied Rakhi to the grandson Abhimanyu before the disastrous war.

 Santoshi Maa - According to Hindu mythology, it is said that Lord Ganesha has two sons - Subh and Labh. According to Legends, both of them were frustrated because they had no sister. They asked for a sister from their father, Lord Ganesha.
Then Lord Ganesha finally oblige to their sisters on the intervention of Saint Narada. This is how Lord Ganesha created Santoshi Maa from Divine Flame, and two sons of Lord Ganesha Got their sister for the occasion of rakhi.

Importance Of Rakhi :

The festival of Rakshabandhan is understood as a symbol of duty between siblings. This occasion is meant to celebrate the pious relation between brother and sister. Rakhi strengths the bond of love between siblings.
Raksha Bandhan is a famous festival of Hindus, Jains etc.
From StoryPulse, We wish you a very Happy Raksha Bandhan :) 

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How To Earn Money From Tik Tok (Beginners Guide)

The video-sharing app Tik Tok has become extremely popular among youths. According to a  report of 2019, Tik Tok has monthly 500 Million active users. That's a considerable amount.
Tik Tok is World's Leading Destination For Short Videos (15 sec - 1min). Tik Tok application was launched in 2017 for IOS and Android. In a such small span of time, Tik Tok has millions of downloads with tremendous response from users.

In this post, we will tell you how to earn money from Tik Tok. I'm sure that before reading this post you had trouble for knowing the means of earning sources from Tik Tok, but after reading this post, you will get to know about making money from tik tok.

Tik Tok is a great platform to Showcase your talent. Tik Tok was launched to help people to make short videos and to entertain others. But nowadays creators use it as as a revenue source.

Basically, in this article, I will tell how to make money on Tik Tok, and I bet no Creator will say to you this.
In this article, I've shown some inside about making money through Tik Tok.
As of now, Tik Tok does not share ad Revenue with creators, but there are many ways in which you can make huge money....
We will divide the whole article into two parts  :
1. Direct Source Of Income.
2. Indirect Source Of Income.

1. Direct Source Of Income:- 

 There is only one way from which you can make money from Tik Tok and that is :

 when you have 1000 followers on Tik Tok, Then a feature unlocks which help you in making money and that is - whenever you go live on Tik Tok then your fans can buy some emojis or stickers for you for some money and then send it to you through comments.

In this way, Tik Tok pays you. The amount that Tik Tok will pay will be equivalent  to the total amount of stickers that your fans bought.
But this can be used as an earning source for those creators who have a high fan following of Die Heart Fans.


This was the only direct source of income from Tik Tok. Because Tik tok does not share ad revenue with creators, so this was the one and final direct or official source of income from Tik Tok.

2. Indirect Source Of Income :-


Indirect source of Income from Tik Tok is the money making machine. I am telling you, It is true..
We are going to divide this part into other sub-parts:

1.  Through Brand Sponsoring :     If you have a huge fan-base on Tik Tok or simply some followers on Tik Tok, then you can earn from Brand Sponsoring.
What the Tik Tok celebrity do, is to push their audience to Instagram and YouTube. They increase their numbers on other Social Media Platforms. So that they can get sponsorships.

Faisu 07, Jannat Zubair, Adnaan, Faisal Baloch, Riyaz etc. The names written here have more than 2 Million+ Followers on Instgram. 
So, they can get brand sponsorships easily. They charge merly1500$+ for posting any sponsored post on their IG. OMG

2. Shoutout To Other Tik Tok Users : Yes, It is Insane, But is true. Tik Tok celebrities take charges from new Tik Tok users to give them shoutouts. 
If you have good following on Tik Tok then, you can also charge from other Tik Tok users to give them shoutouts through your
Tik Tok videos. Tit For Tat.

There are other immense ways to generate Million of Dollars from Tik Tok. You should have a Business Mind. 
I will pray for your success.
Thank You :)

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3 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers ! 1000 Subscribers Per Day

Videos are playing a key factor in the content marketing game in 2019. As you may all know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and the largest and the leading platform for video blogging and video sharing. 
It is a free and simple platform. It is the daughter company of Google and I love it.

By watching the massive success of YouTube Facebook and Twitter have also step into this video marketing game but they're far away from YouTube.
If you are a beginner YouTuber or a new one then the hardest thing you are facing is slow rate of subscribers.

The most hard thing for a beginner is to gain first thousand subscribers. In the starting it will seem a little bit difficult but what am I doing here ?

In this post I will tell you 3 growth strategies for YouTube to grow your subscriber rate by 10x.

I have also made a video about it. You can check it here :-

#1. Choose Your Genre / Niche :

I am not going to specify what a niche is...
Let's understand by an example.
Suppose you have problem in your eyes then besides consulting to general doctor, you will ask for an eye specialist, right.
Same concept applies here. If any person out there has a problem then depending on the type of problem, he will search for the right creators on YouTube..
It means that they will give priority to the exact type of creator that can solve their problems.
Selecting a Niche is very important step for gaining YouTube subscribers...
If you have a technology Channel then keep uploading technology-related videos on your Channel. Don't upload any vlog, makeup or DIY thing on your channel. It will spoil your quality as well as your image...
So focus on selecting your exact niche...

#2. Viral Topics :

Most TRUSTED way of getting thousands of subscribers on YouTube is Make Videos On Viral Topics.
Make such type of videos that people gonna search.
Make these type of videos like -  
How to increase Instagram followers, 
How to make money online Etc.

These type of videos soon become gone viral because a large number of audience want to watch videos on these Keywords.
Always keep it in mind that making videos on viral topics will get you thousands of subscribers but you will have to make engagement with your audience. 
Keep your content so engaging that your audience will stick to your channel and watch your videos daily.
#3. Upload Regularly/ Consistently
You all know that Consistency Is the King. You have heard it many times, right.
But how many of you follow this rule ?
Making videos on viral topics will get you thousands of followers on YouTube but you have to make your audience engaged with your video content by uploading regularly. It is the key-factor in the success of various big YouTubers.
Let's talk about world's NO.1 Technology Channel - Technical Guruji. He is a very consistent guy. He uploads 2 videos a day. He is so consistent with his content. So If you want that much success so you have to upload regularly for your audience...

So these were 3 methods to get more YouTube subscribers.
I hope you learnt a lot from this article.
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